Silverbard games

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 11 of 31 Go to. Sep 2, As for skills, I'm happy to see Tie-guy. Zipties become kind of useless when the opponent can break them in one turn, so I'd been hoping for something like this.

Bug Report: Lily's night-off scene has no buttons at silverbard games end. No save and no sleep. Also, not really related to her, but it's weird how many characters claim to be straight and then go right into a scene where they get eaten out by another girl. Cassie isn't too bad because she does protest, even if Mara gets her off, but Angel's friend I forget the name claims to be straight or so angel says but she also repeatedly baits Angel into 'punishing' her with oral sex.

I guess being heavily in denial is a pretty typical college thing, but after being eaten out by your girl-friend-with-benifits in front of four other people, it's probably about time to just admit that you like girls. Oh and Yui feels pretty weird. She goes from 'this guy found my wallet and helped me out a little' to 'I'd better swear my life to him' real fast.

The part that makes it weirder is her saying that her family hasn't had silverbard games lord in a long time, so clearly this is something they traditionally put a lot more thought into. Her jumping the gun is fine, but it feels like the MC should say something. Not 'no', because we're all much too selfish for that, but at-least 'This silverbard games really sudden, maybe take a couple of days to think about it and then ask me again? Mostly now I'm just looking for upgrades for sexcalibur.

I found a couple of things in the Games, but I have all the advanced skills at the correct levels and I can't seem to work out how to 'build' any of the parts I need. The motor upgrade seems bugged too. I bought it, but it still says i need it. Oct 7, I am absolutely loving this game. Great work SilverBard, Keep it up! I have also played the MOD version and really liked how they spiced up the 'night activities' by giving different game types and changing the arena. Any chance of incorporating things like this into the main game?

The Silver Bard said:. Fuck the Carrier mode was something I originally started working on and gave up.

Silverbard games

The mod tried to implement it, but it was buggy enough that they took it out. Teams mode is also super broken. I don't really want to try to make it work. I hadn't heard that the mod added additional arenas. If so, I'll at least take a look at it. Mei is "officially straight" read strict conservative upbringingso no matter how obvious it is to everyone that she's in love with Angel, no one is really going to press the issue.

She rebels in her own way by being extremely promiscuous, but acknowledging that she's bisexual is a step too far for her. As for Yui, I'll just say that college students in love tend to be dumb and impulsive. The MC for his part is pretty noncommittal. Is this just happening when silverbard games Eve, or for all opponents? WatchMeDrive Newbie Donor.

Jun 21, 83 Night Games - You must be registered to see the links. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Reactions: basbrynhildr and baaaaahhhhg. That reminds me, actually. How do you unlock the submission advanced skill? Was silverbard games changed? I have everything from Dark Magic to Animalism but I didn't see Submission on the list this time around.

Aug 3, You need to lose the night, then go to sex-shop girl. Lose what? One fight? Every fight in the match? Come last in the match? Ok so trying to lose is actually kinda hard, and it looks like Yui's AI might actually be totally fucked. It's just that, and occasionally going in for a kiss or a failed trip attempt. I mean, I'm doing pretty much the same thing, but I'm trying to lo Oh Yui, you sneaky little bitch. Is this deliberate?

Is Yui fighting badly on purpose because she wants to get dominated? Mar 13, Is there going to be a Mod for this just like the old v2.

Silverbard games

So how do you actually unlock the final skills, like Hypnosis? You have to be rank five or something? I got to four, but I don't seem to be advancing from there, even after winning 10 matches per night. Only hint I have to procede is to find The Benefactor, to which it suggested buying info or talking to the other contestants.

Maya told me a little on a draw, but nothing useful. Nobody else seems to have anything to say, and Aesop doesn't sell shit. I figured I'd completed silverbard games till I saw the line about hypnosis and Temporal? Also, I think i found that bug again.

It was on Maya's second visit to the Games, and whenever I fled or used a shortcut of any kind, the map would upadte to say where I'd moved to, but the options at the bottom of the silverbard games wouldn't change. I'd go from quad to Lib-Arts to the quad, but it'd still display the options from the Lib-arts, so I can't move around. Time woudln't advance even if I pressed wait and it generally just completely locked the game up. Lucky I saved right before the match. Respected User. Former Staff. May 6, 3, 29, Reactions: brynhildr. Change log: Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Silverbard games

Can the futa stuff be avoided or? Lazyrick Active Member. Jan 10, Reactions: grgrgr5. Jun 2, 6, 48, WatchMeDrive said:. May 25, 58 How do you start this game? I downloaded the MEGA file but i cant seem to find any. Reactions: Hatorimatsu. Ogresalad Newbie.

May 2, 65 I could've sworn there was a version of this silverbard games I played where you weren't locked into a male protagonist. Was that just a different version, or is there a way to unlock that in this I'm just not finding? Ogresalad said:. Reactions: He-man Show hidden low quality content.

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Silverbard games

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