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Originally released in Japan inPersona 5 earned itself a place as one of the best JRPGs of the last decade and for many gamers, it is one of the greatest in the genre. The Persona series is a spin-off from the mothership Shin Megami Tensei series. While it maintains many of the same themes from the mainline series, the Persona games implement visual novel and dating sim mechanics. The SMT series is often associated with its difficulty which can be off-putting for many gamers. Though the Persona games are still challenging in their own right, they are far more accessible.

Persona h game 5's success has lead to the release of an expanded version of the game called Persona 5 Royal. Updated by Michael Connor Smith on August 23rd, It's truly remarkable how Persona 5 singlehandedly brought JRPGs into the limelight atop the charts with other more popular game genres and became a worldwide phenomenon upon its release. As was done with Persona 3 and 4 before it, Atlus gave Persona 5 its second shot of glory with the updated version, Persona 5 Royal, adding new characters, story and gameplay changes, and graphical enhancements.

We've updated this list to include five additional games of varying RPG genres that persona h game the same high points that make Persona 5 as wildly popular as it is. Since Persona 5 and Royal acted as such a great starting point for those looking to get into RPGs, giving those players as many game suggestions as possible is our main goal.

The sequel to the original Persona Qthe mix of Etrian Odyssey inspired dungeon crawling with Persona 's style and characters brings in the fan-favorite cast from Persona 5 to allow characters from 34and 5 to fight alongside each other and share an absolute ton of cute dialog. If you really felt a genuine bond forming with the P5 cast during your playthrough, there's no surprise that Persona Q2 will be right up your alley.

The gameplay can differ pretty heavily from the Persona that you're used to, however, so make sure to do a bit of research before diving in. Originally released worldwide on the PlayStation 2 in and respectively by the time they made it to European territories Persona 3 and Persona 4 follow the same themes as P5R. Both entries in the series take place in modern-day high schools where relationship building and character development play a vital role.

Now that both Shin Megami Tensei V and Nocturne are both slated to release for the Switch inmainline SMT is more popular than it's been in quite a while, and there's no better time to jump in than the present. DDS has a tight-knit cast of memorable characters, challenging and rewarding gameplay, and a sequel to flesh out its fantastically interesting story. Danganronpa and Persona are often mentioned in the same conversation on the internet persona h game they do share a lot of similarities.

This high school murder-mystery will definitely be enjoyed for those who got more out of Persona 's slice-of-life side rather than its turn-based, demon-collecting combat. The Danganronpa series are hefty visual novels that span quite a few games, meaning that there's a ton of content here to be enjoyed if this style of game is your cup of tea. Just be warned of how addictive these games can be, and the countless hours that they'll take off of your life.

In addition, the game is split into chapters that do a great job of giving each character their chance to shine. Looking for something a little more fast-paced that still retains the feel of forming unbreakable bonds with your party members?

Persona h game

Final Fantasy XV is quite different when compared to any other game in the long-running franchise, straying away from turn-based combat and focusing on being a full-on action RPG. FFXV 's main cast of four is rather slim when compared to Persona 5 's eleven main party members, but your road trip across Eos with Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis creates an unreal amount of bro-chemistry that's almost too heartwarming to be true. Xenoblade Chronicles is an epic open-world RPG with a gripping story and a great turn-based combat system.

Those looking to persona h game into Xenoblade Chronicles, however, should wait until the release of Xenoblade Chronicles: The Definitive Edition due in May If you're the type of maniac that lo up a new Persona 5 Royal save file and turns the difficulty up to its highest setting, then Etrian Odyssey will definitely give you what you're looking for. If you've played Persona Qyou'll know exactly what to expect in terms of gameplay feel.

Persona h game

Etrian Odyssey is peculiar in the fact that most of its games allow you the choice of either creating your very own party members or playing through a story with a set cast. This flexibility may come as a refreshing change of pace for Persona fans that spend tens and hundreds of hours with the same characters. Developed by Rockstar the studio behind the Grand Theft Auto series, Bully is an action-adventure game set in a high school and its fictional town Bullworth.

Persona h game

The game was first released on the PlayStation 2 in and was remastered for the Xbox in Bully was actually a coming of age story about social hierarchy, cliques, relationships, and the general struggles of growing up. Furthermore, Yakuza 0 features friendship sub-stories where the protagonists are building relationships with several NPCs throughout the city. Where Yakuza 0 shines, however, is its flawless character development and mature storylines this theme continues throughout the entire series.

Persona h game

Being a prequel, Yakuza 0 is the perfect starting point. It was developed by Atlus so the game shares a lot of similarities to the Persona series in terms of its themes and modern-day Tokyo locations to explore. However, the side stories and interactions with other party members and the Fire Emblem characters who appear in the form of Mirages are very Persona- like in their gameplay mechanics.

AoT2 is a fast action game where just like the series it is based on the player has to take down gigantic titans that feed on humans. Despite having some connections to the original, Apocalypse persona h game deed so that newer players can jump right into it.

However, the writing, story, and character development is superb and Persona fans should still feel at home with the mechanics. In addition to the strategic combat, Three Houses place a ificant emphasis on socializing with other characters between missions, developing relationships, and building bonds that directly affect a character's actions on the battlefield. The third game was released in the west in The player is cast as a new student called Rean Swcharzer at an elite military academy.

Persona h game

The world-building and character development in the trails series on another level compared to most games. It would also be worth seeking out the Trails in the Sky trilogy too due to their deep narrative connections. Gaming, wrestling and film fan for over 35 years.

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Persona h game Persona h game

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