Nutaku games review

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Nutaku games review

If you are a fan of adult hentai games then you may well have heard of Nutaku. The best role playing hentai sex games have traditionally been developed in Japan but there is a growing of English-speaking gamers who want to access these titles. In this guide, we find out more about what Nutaku offers, the pricing and the additional features of their site.

Nutaku is the largest English-language hosting site for adult games. Mostly hentai based, the games are high quality in de and are available nutaku games review download or play in browser. As you can see from our list, Nutaku covers both classic hentai titles as well as gay games which have a huge following.

Registering an is free and many games are also free to play. They offer competitive prices for some popular games as well as providing an online community for its members to discuss adult gaming topics. They have a large group of developers and specialists working on translating some of the top selling Japanese games.

They work with a of studios including some of the biggest names and the most recent start-ups. Owned by the porn giants MindGeek they also own Pornhub, Brazzers and RedTubetheir aim is to bring uncensored content in English and some other languages to the masses. The company is partnered with the Japanese distribution company, DMM, and hold the only rights outside of Japan to deliver their content to a Western market. The company operates two versions of its website; www. Nutaku is ranked the th most popular site globally and the 58 th most visited site within the adult nutaku games review.

The site receives over 78 million visits every month and is popular across multiple international countries. So much so that they are able to offer a huge merchandising store with everything from hoodies to gaming kits and t-shirts. They have over 66, followers on Facebook28, followers on Twitter and 15, followers on Instagram.

Nutaku games review

Once registered, you can start playing online games immediately or purchase downloadable games for your PC, Linux, Mac or mobile system. The network is particularly popular as one of the best places to play Android porn games. There are 25 titles to play in-browser and all are free to play. They cover a range of genres including dating sims, RPG, simulation, puzzle and action adventure. What is common across all games is that they all have an erotic twist. There are porn games to download on Nutaku, all priced according to their popularity, game complexity and release date. Most are hentai but have sub- of fantasy, magical, romance, sci-fi, horror and military.

Nutaku has a porn app for Android deviceswhich can be used to access their best mobile-compatible games.

Nutaku games review

The site offers a kind of social network in which users can Follow other players and create groups of online friends. You can message friends who play the same games as you ad. However, their best content is download only and the system requirements vary by title.

Nutaku games review

However, it is recommended that your PC meets the following minimum spec before committing to any purchases:. Not all games are compatible, so be sure to check our separate list of porn games for iOS and porn games for Mac. Contacting customer service generates a support ticket which can be tracked in your for progress. The company has had some flak in the past for the time taken to resolve issues but with so many customers it is hard to see how they could satisfy everyone.

Payment for games is via gold coins which can be purchased in bundles from the website at the following costs:. You will also receive free coins once you verify the address used when you register an. You can also get free gold by referring friends using an link. Once the mission has been completed, you earn a piece of a puzzle.

Nutaku games review

Get all the pieces and you win your gold. Games are individually priced and though most of the browser games are free the best games are chargeable.

Nutaku games review

There is no doubting the success and might behind this ambitious project to bring popular Japanese hentai porn games to a Western market. Nutaku is undoubtedly one of the best places to find hentai games. The website traffic over the last six months has increased from 25million hits to over 78million. From a standing start just two years ago, the platform is now in the top adult sites in the world!

As far as we know there are no such compatibility issues any more and though there will no doubt be individuals that have issues the company has got a good reputation for the stability of the games that it distributes. The range of games is comprehensive and aficionados of the hentai genre will nutaku games review a good variety of popular titles and new games to try.

The fact that the company is also offering hosting services to independent developers means that the offering is more diverse. As for pricing, the games are well pitched to be competitive and we have no issues with the price points of any title available online.

They certainly compare well when you consider the cost of similar games or hosting sites. The social networking side of the site is perhaps another area that we could see improvements for. Overall, the site offers high quality hentai porn games at great prices with very few support issues. Just be warned, some games are incredibly addictive!

Nutaku was founded in to bring this dream to reality and now offers more than games. Who and What is Nutaku? All games are available in English with some other languages supported.

Nutaku games review

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