Living with serena game

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In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Living with Serena. The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion. This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun. This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to thisask for your money back, it is a scam.

However, Julian continues the nightlife of drinking and hanging out with the guys till the early hours of the morning. Serena tells Julian that he must, in her own wonderful words, grow the fuck up. Now Julian has three weeks to change his life around if he has any chance of saving his future with Serena. Living with Serena features a new leveling system. When performing certain actions, your experience will increase for that stat. WORK: How experienced are you with cars? Your experience allows Julian to work on high-end cars and help finish them faster which will equal a bigger paycheck.

Below is a list of living with serena game the events that happen in the game. If your desire or certain actions are not met yet, they will appear once they are completed. Day 1: Serena talks about her sister, Jade, coming to live with them.

Living with serena game

Day 2: Lorena will be at store when Julian goes shopping. Day 8: Tony and Serena talk in her office. Day 8: At at home, Serena will tell you at home that she left her notebook at work. Day Serena comes over and asks you to get her laptop for her Day Serena will come out of the bedroom wearing a BDSM outfit if you have seven stars in the Master and Slave Fantasy. If you follow the guidelines, you will progress through them and unlock some very erotic cut scenes.

NOTE: If you failed at anytime, when you check on the menu tab the fantasy will be crossed off and you will be unable to continue with this fantasy for the duration of the game. Drunk Sex After a Party Fantasy: 1 Raise your Relationship with Serena to 35 and when she is home, invite her to a dance club when she is in the kitchen or living room at night only. When Serena is in the living room, give her the outfit. Go to her office and talk with her about her work. To continue, Julian must play along and pretend to be her boss second option.

Play along with the scene option 2 and watch the sex scene play out. Stay back and watch. When asked about threesomes, agree with her that you want to have living with serena game.

Living with serena game

Say that you could have bought games with the money and then enjoy the sex scene. Bring the pictures to Serena at the Mall to unlock the ability to see her and have sex with her at the gym. Give Melissa a massage. Ask her to take off her heels. Ask her to use her feet and then cum. After any action, a follow-up scene will take place. Witness Me! Sit on the bench, comment on her pants and notice no one is around. Do this on two different days. Show her your cock and say you want a titfuck. Black Dress Test Drive: Rise Relationship with Serena above and go to the mall and have her try on the black dress.

Offer to go into the changing room with her. Ask her to try on the weekend dress. After watching them doing lingerie shopping, go to the office a few days later and choose to stay hidden both times. Sticky Face Mask: After having sex with Melissa for the first time in the office, ask her for sex and choose to cum on her face.

Choose to living with serena game out without a towel and make her kneel. Choose to make her kneel and choose to hold her head.

Living with serena game

Give Serena the vibrating egg and go to her office the next day. Call her and then around a few days later she will call you back. Invite her over and say screw it. On Day 23, be nice and do not ask for her and then feel how warm she is. Is It Wet? Buy the camera and from the living room call her. Just Add Water: After having sex with Lorena, talk with her at work and have sex with her in the fitting room. Choose to cum on her breasts 1 Stamina.

Thirsty Squirrel: After having sex with Lorena, meet her in the park and choose to go wild with her. Hot Moments: After having sex with Lorena, go to the mall on the weekend with Serena. Tell Lorena you brought her and living with serena game choose to stay back and watch them. After getting to part 3, have sex with Melissa for the first time. In the office, talk to Melissa about a threesome and then in the living room at home tell Serena about it. Sunset with Layla: On Day 12, choose to stay home and turn down going out with Jade. Look in her room while she is away.

Watch Jade give a handjob to the stranger. Follow Jade into the bathroom when she leaves with the trucker. Pick both places 3 Hours each. Let Jade have her way with you and then choose to give her a creampie. On Day 29, go to her apartment to fix her computer and stay there.

Bad Kitty! At at night have her put it on and pick all four choices. Caress her leg, up the ante, and then invite her to the bathroom. Dirty Pictures: When your relationship with Serena is belowJade will come to your office on day Search the bathroom and find living with serena game underwear. Talk to Jade afterwards. At ask her to put on the outfit and choose to pull out your cock] Kitchen: Cat outfit full sex scene [Raise Relationship to and buy the cat outfit on the weekend. How do I make Serena cheat on me with Kenneth? Then on day 21, go to work and trigger a scene with Jazz and then search the bathroom on day Then on day 28, call Jade.

How do I get Nicole to come out? Perform all the actions and keep her relationship low and Serena will leave and Nicole will come over. How do I get Jade? Raise your relationship with Jade to over Let Jade do whatever she wants and you will have her as a sex friend. You have a chance to end things with her when she invites you over to her place to fix her computer. If you leave, your relationship does too. On the last day, either Jade and Serena are peaceful you broke things off with Jade or theya re fighting you stayed with her. Ending 3: Tell Nicole at the club that you are alone and ask for her phone.

Call her at home and wait until a few days later till she calls back. Invite her over, say you are happy for her and then that you are not interested. Ending 4: During the Nicole route, if you are doing the photoshoot let yourself go.

But if you are on the inviting her over to your place, choose to kiss her. Ending 6: During the Nicole route, choose to be a photographer and go to the hotel. Give Nicole a orgasm and finish the game [Do not do the Jade route].

Living with serena game

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