Holiday island game patreon

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Before you start, here are a few things to note.

Holiday island game patreon

Views 5, Downlo File size 3MB. The game has a full story, and there are quests upon quests to be managed, undertaken and solved. You might as well delete it now and spend your time on PornHub. Holiday Island is a sandbox game featuring completely non-linear gameplay. It has a multitude of different options, random events and specialized encounters. This will constantly surprise the player and entice him to build his relationship with each of the girls surrounding him.

Not what you are looking for? No worries, follow the advice above.

Holiday island game patreon

Holiday Island has a relationship and stats system for you and your ravishing fellow island guests. The quality of your relationships is the key to your progress. The game is constantly updating the parameters for traits such as: love, affection, anger, strength, charm and endurance.

There are no wrong choices! The game is deed in a way that you cannot mess it up completely. There is always a way to recover and come back from poor decisions. Initially the game can be a bit of a grind as you try to raise your stats and the stats of the women on the island. Just like in real life you will get hungry, horny, drunk and need to sleep! Winning over the hearts of all of these busty knockouts takes work! Sound like too much effort? See the advice above. Well fortunately for your lazy butt there is an enabled console where you can input cheat codes. There will be more details and specifics later.

You have been warned! Overusing the mod can also cause this. There are even warnings built into the mod about NOT maximizing everything. So, unless you are a holiday island game patreon idiot heed the warnings. If you screw up the game, no one, repeat no one, will have any sympathy for you.

Follow the included install instruction carefully! Try again. The Console and Cheat Codes If you are using the approved mod, chances are you will not need the console and cheat codes. However, on the odd chance you do, here is the information you need. However, remember … The overuse of the cheat codes or entering them incorrectly can bork the game.

You could save one girl per or any other way that works for you. The reason to save often is to create multiple restore points. With multiple restore points you can go back and adjust variables like stats or wardrobe. You can use different actions or dialogues. All of these elements matter when trying to accomplish all the achievements.

Okay, on to the cheat codes. Popular cheat codes are: To change your stats: where xx is the newdo not exceed maximum player. What about a walkthrough? There is no walkthrough! Remember, this is a sandbox game, and your phone is your friend. Open your phone in the game and choose the button for girls. Poke the clapboard button to get a list of all the achievements for each girl divided into appointments, holiday island game patreon and scenes. Mouseover the image and a hint will appear in the upper right corner.

Also, you are reading this guide and FAQ. Still not enough? Delete the game and find something else to play. Maybe Solitaire or something similar. Then your best bet is to download unren. It is a format that allows more detail and sharper pictures when the developer does the renders without increasing the photos to a ridiculous size of bytes.

Holiday island game patreon

Windows can display them if you download the coded pack. After that you can open them in almost any application.

Holiday island game patreon

So, you don't have to convert them to jpg format. But if you want to, after you've installed the codecs, xnview can convert them. You may comment on the game and ask questions there, but please have the courtesy to SEARCH first as chances are it has already been covered numerous times.

Holiday island game patreon

If you are unsure how to search, follow these simple instructions. Supposedly that is possible, but are you really that lazy? What more do you need? Better yet, why did you even download the game if you are not going to play it? Do yourself a favor and play the game! How come all the girls have huge boobs? Well guess what? However, since the developer likes women with huge boobs, that is what you get. Deal with it or find another game to play.

Holiday island game patreon

Help, I cannot get the game to open or play. Chances are, you installed it wrong or missed a patch or bugfix. You might even have gotten a corrupt or wrong file. It is NOT a requirement, but there are advantages, which are explained in more detail on his. Follow the above link. Go back and try installing again. Also, you can check to see if your error has already been reported, fixed, or has a fix planned for the next update. Look at the clock in the upper left of the screen. Holiday island game patreon will look like this: It is am on the morning of the first day. That will change accordingly as you progress through the game.

Now look to the right of your screen and you will see a bunch of icons. To talk with her: click on either of the two conversation icons on the lower left. Go through the dialogue and note any messages that appear at the top of the screen. Choose the knife and fork. Oh look, more girls. You can also listen in on their conversations to learn interesting little tidbits of knowledge that may be useful later. What about all the other icons, are they important? Choosing that one when it is available, will take you to the doctor. Wait until then and go talk with the holiday island game patreon.

You will find out all about the electronic implant that everyone on the island has. Continue to talk with her to build her trust and gain her friendship or just use the cheat codes or mod to maximize her affection and love for you. Once you have accomplished that, she will explain how you can get a watch to access the implants of the girls on the island. Often that will require you to bring her sperm samples. Hooray, you get to masturbate many, many times, or at least as long as your stamina, endurance and lust hold out.

You might have to use the cheat codes or the mod to adjust your stat levels to make sure you are turning in the type of sperm the doctor requires. The more you have, the more you can buy; so, masturbate often and keep turning in samples. Mouseover the other icons to get to the gym, beach, pool, massage parlor, night bar and even back to your room. You will find different girls at the different locations. Talk and interact with them. My advice is to save your game often and explore what each location and action does.

I have the phone, now what do I do? Your phone is your best friend. Open it and bring up this screen. Each of the icons represents an App. Mouseover them to learn what each does. Okay, fine, just this once.

Holiday island game patreon

All that Company Favor you have been accumulating by turning in sperm now has a use. Remember, it is the currency of the island! You can buy a better phone, articles of clothing, lotions and notions as well as various colored pills. Each colored pill has a specific function which are: Blue Pill - Will enhance your sexual prowess for some time. Green Pill - Will increase the recipient's lust. Yellow Pill - Will increase the recipient's strength for some time. Red Pill - Will increase the recipient's endurance for some time.

Purple Pill - Will lower the recipient's lust. Remember when you were warned repeatedly to not overuse the cheat codes or maximize everything in the mod? Congratulations, by not listening, you have borked the game and confirmed you are an idiot. You may try changing both of your stat levels and try again. Hopefully you have a restore point, from which you can reload. The message at the top of the screen says a girl is angry with me.

Holiday island game patreon

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