Giantess game download

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The alien race Biolok is conqueing the earth as we speak using humans as their main weapon. They abduct and impant some kind of mind control chip in peoples brains so they can no longer fully control themselves and make them gigantic. So instead of destroying humanity themselves the aliens let humanity destroy itself as they watch.

Giantess game download

Log in with itch. Very nice work!! It would be nice to add more actions and attacks to the city leveling mode. And I have an idea for a new mode--Protect. In this mode, you are a giantess. Move carefully, your inadvertent action may also cause a disaster to the city, citizens and your teammates.

Giantess game download

Hi, I'm running the last release on Linux through Wine. In order to work you need to install the Vulcan dxvk dlls, but it's definitely worth it. I see that this last release works much better than the last one I tried. Great job! PS: Is there a way to select the screen and resolution? Because now the game starts without allowing me to choose it. Thank you so much! I have tried to get it to work on giantess game download no dice without vulkan support I think and virtual box which works but at 0. Hi again everyone, thanks for the feedback. Currently working on a character creator that gives you a lot more freedom to pick and create your own character.

The character you create is used in all levels. I like this idea, do it include outfits? If you wanted your giantess to wear different high heels or clothing or maybe hairstyles? Wow this is awesome news! If possible controlling the height and body proportions of the character would be amazing, cant wait to try out the character creator!!

Thanks so much for continuing to work on the game and for bringing back suburb an mode! I think it's great that you work on and release this for free as I have so much silly fun playing it. I like the older suburban mode better, but can't play because the file was on my laptop which does not work.

Is there a way to pick Jill with her high heels in the new suburban? Awesome :D but you should add sound settings, and fix that giantess. Like eating them, putting them on your underwear or rubbing your crotch. Get to tha giantess game download in giantess game download upcoming update for Flattened as we see a comeback for the old suburban level as well as some other stuff. Yes I will make a texture for the choppa!

Just letting everyone know I am still here doing work on the game. It has been one very special year for all of us to say the least. But for all those who ask for the old versions of the game. New versions of old levels is a part of the update. Big thanks to anyone who supports the game.

Can I get the old Version file that has the suburb level in it. I really want to play that version. Also can you name a giant mike? Who has the old files of this game? Just want to play the suburb mode because I never played it:. Is there going to be any new updates during the covid? I quite enjoyed all of them with each one being being different.

Hey Zsansubar, hope you're doing well, hate to ask but I'd love to know any details on the next update thanks. Hey, just popping in to say I hope you, Zsansubar, and everyone else following the development of this game are staying safe and healthy out there. Would be nice tobe Jill in City Leveling. Maybe some options for the giants in Gauntlet other type of shoes or heels. A downloadable game Download Now Name your own price.

Game updated 22 feb. This game is in very early alpha. Story: The alien race Biolok is conqueing the earth as we speak using humans as their main weapon. More information. Status Prototype Rating. Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: Flattened Setup.

Jan 22, Apr 26, Jan 05, Nov 15, May 20, Nov 07, Oct 08, Comments Log in with itch. KittyKat 4 days ago. I love this game, it's amazing. But is there a way to turn the resolution down? Could you add some checkpoints to the gauntlet mode? I hope you can understand my poor English. Any news about how the development is going?

Giantess game download

Would it be possible for you to add the furry model to the city leveling mode? Can you add Niamko to City Leveling? Severson days ago. Any news or rumors? Brandon Vela days ago What am I supposed to do to to download this on my phone. It's only for PC. PiotrekSuperPL days ago. QESoul days ago.

Giantess game download

Any chance of having another go building for mac? I am willing to test and debug it out. Yes I would love that so much!!

Giantess game download

Please include an option for male characters :. Wolfsteen days ago. Yes to all of it. Starting with shoes. Heels you have in it are great. Could I request you add some Converse too please? I know its a lot of work but it would be neat if the foot prints were more realistic. My video of the new update is out now! Glad you like it and love your videos!

Giantess game download

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