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In. Jake's Booty Call Hide Spoilers. Saw this film on holiday and have to say you get exactly what you pay for. Fans of the online flash game won't be disappointed as the film stays true to form and it has it's fair share of laugh out loud moments. However, those who are new to the world of Jake may have more trouble getting into the swing of things, admittedly some will love it but on the flip side some will truly get jake laid game it.

It is certainly not a film for general audiences which is why I assume it will never go on wider release that of course and the obvious financial side of things. But if you are going to see this film then in all likelihood you are used to the Romp and should have a good time, even if the film does drag a little at times.

Vote: 8 out of 10 because it does exactly what it says on the tin. Was this review helpful? I saw this at Best Buy today and I decided to pick it up, I have never seen or heard of "Jake" before, nor played the game obviously. Jake is the ultimate player, and fantasy for many guys.

Jake is supremely confident with lots game and most importantly well equipped to handle rejection. He plays the club scene a lot, and as you will see in the flick, he gets rejected plenty of times, but plays "the law of averages". If he was playing baseball he would be "batting. I mean if he approaches 10 women and gets rejected 6 times, that means there were FOUR times where he scored right? So goes his player thinking. You can't argue with his. This animated film has plenty of moments that will at least a bring a smile to your face, and a few laughs too. It's not laugh out loud funny or engrossing, but it will keep you fairly entertained.

Plus it's always cool watching animated people have sex.

Get jake laid game

The film does feel slightly dated, and I sensed this as I watched it. So it's no surprise coming here and finding out it's from and not '07 or ' It's certainly not super dated like it's from or evenit still feels relatively modern.

But you can pick up a real or '01 feel to this movie.

Get jake laid game

Like it get jake laid game from the '03 era, where people still said "booty call" and "da bomb" with the total intent of sounding hip and cool with those phrases. Today old ladies walk around saying "booty call", so it's sorta lost it's cool power as it entered into the mainstream vocabulary.

And Jake called one of his friends his "wing man", that's a Top Gun reference from that older teenagers and 20 somethings would have found hilarious in the early s, but would probably go over the head of the current young party crowd in Thus is the fickle nature of American pop culture. Anyways this movie is definitely worth taking a look into. Buster 14 May This is easily one of the worst films I have ever seen. Walking fraternity-stereotype Jake teams up with timid wing man to score chicks.

The wing man turns out to be the heir to the throne of some fictional Mediterranean country and has to get laid before his 21st birthday, or whatever. The plot must not have been much of a concern for the "creative force" behind this game. That is how they label themselves during the end credits. The whole film is basically Jake spewing tired platitudes and inane one liners and come ons. Perhaps this is one for the fraternity boys out there who could not get enough of Stifler from the first three American Pie films.

His character was at least somewhat tongue-in cheek, and was balanced out by other, less annoying characters in the cast.

Get jake laid game

There is no such awareness or balance in this "film. To call this a movie is quite a stretch. It's just a crude flash animation, the likes of which float around internet, thoughtlessly extended to something above an hour, and only a distributor as uncritical as National Lampoon would have given it time of it's day; still, having an actual distributor does not make it a movie. Whatever it is, it's amazingly boring. The script consists of titular Jake get jake laid game on to women with lamest possible come-ons, then getting them to bed, then moving to a different location and repeating all that.

Animation is crude and repetitive, mostly consisting of talking he barely moving, not even bothering to try to give impression of life. So you can imagine - an hour of people talking is rarely interesting, specially if they're talking the same thing over and over, double-specially if these people are one jerk away from being still images. As for jokes, they are non-existent. There isn't even an attempt to make an actual joke in this movie - I guess they though Jake's endless blabbering would be funny in itself. Sex scenes, which I suppose are the main selling point, are too crude to be any sexy, so even if you're renting the film for cartoon porn you'll be disappointed.

There's some plot about some prince who has to get laid but can't get around it, but this excuse of a plot didn't interest creators of "Jake" any more than it will interest you, they barely stick around it long enough for us to realize that it's moronic even by sex comedy standards. Worst of all, Jake is an insufferable little bitch of a character, not only is he arrogant and obnoxious, his clown-like approach to women embellished with high-pitched squeaks is very unlikely to score him any action, even if he plays "by averages".

You will be instantly annoyed by him, which will probably make you turn the film off long before you get bored. Yet there was no reason to make it a feature film. Jake is not a character we'd want to watch for an hour; with less emphasis on sex and no game-play, "movie" lacks two only things that made games popular; the whole affair looks incredibly cheap and dated, comparable to a sub-par Flash animation that you can dig up anywhere on internet, with style that may have looked cool-ish in early days on Macromedia, but nowadays looks just cheap; and finally, a formula that worked in 5 min format doesn't necessarily work for an hour, as is the case here.

Fans of the original game won't like it. In fact, they'll very likely be just as bored as I was. Fans of macho sex comedies will hate it because of it's overall lack of jokes and decent sex scenes. Fans of bad movies will hate it as well, as this is not one of those so-good-it's-bad affairs. Ghost the Lost Soul 12 June It seems in recent years, the company known as National Lampoon seems to be obsessed with flooding DVD shelves with terrible movies aimed at college. One of their more recent releases although the IMDb says it was made in is Jake's Booty Call, an animated comedy using two-dimensional computer animation not unlike that used in South Park, but still with the characters looking like cardboard cutouts.

Based on an Internet cartoon series, Jake's Booty Call is about a something skirt chaser named Jake, whom speaks in broken urban slang, looks stoned throughout the film, and has a grin that never seems to go away and borders on looking disturbing. He seems to have an ego that would anger Kevin Federline and uses pick-up lines that are beyond corny, yet he does appear to score with women. His new friend, Siton, is not so lucky. In fact, it turns out that Siton is a prince of a fictional European country who can't seem to lose his virginity.

Jake and Siton set out to go skirt chasing in some domestic and foreign locales, while Siton's evil brother, Lickapon, and his thugs follow their every move. God, this movie is bad. From the plot to the humor, JBC is terrible. The only thing remotely decent about this film is the animation, but that's about it.

All through this movie, I wanted to beat Jake within an inch of his life for being such an obnoxious, over-the-top character. All of the film's jokes either fall flat or are on the level of grade school children. I can honestly say I've seen better writing on an average Adult Swim show in contrast. In short, get jake laid game JBC. It is truly a waste of valuable time and money.

In the age that we are living in, and how most of the us are in this age, as to what makes us laugh, this movie is right up there. Now I do agree that if you are a fan of the webisode of Jake The Pimp, I would almost promise that you will enjoy this movie. If not, if you get jake laid game AS you will probably still enjoy it to some degree, if not a hell of a lot.

Get jake laid game

In any case, I recommend you see it asap. Beware get jake laid game the Dilznik Trapa. Oh, and don't let children watch this film, it may be a cartoon, but I promise that it is in no means child friendly. Oh, and it is totally out on DVD now, so you shouldn't have a problem finding it. Doggpants 28 February If you liked the game then you'll probably love the movie. Jake is still his goofy pimpin' self, and has more funny 1-liners, and pick up lines then ever!

If you didn't ever play the game then it might be hard to adjust to the film. I myself found the movie really funny, and i also liked the whole environment of the parties and raves etc I know the movie is getting looked down on by most people, and i can see why because this film is for a more hip generation not for some old dried person who's into "Best Cinematography of the year" award winning and serious strict crap like that.

This movie is more of just a chill ride through Jake getting laid, and helping out his friend Siton in the 'game'. So ya overall if you liked the games, the perverted humor then there's a good time coming your way with this movie. StevePulaski 4 July Somewhere down the line, National Lampoon's decided to take a detour, and start doing poorly written and poorly acted Direct-to-DVD movies with pictures of women in bikinis and two idiot guys on the front. Despite their very raunchy covers, a lot of them fooled customers into thinking they were no limits and raunchy, when really, they were just PG Way to trick the market.

Though Jake's Booty Call boasts an R rating, the cartoon nudity is little-to-none, and most of the women are in tight outfits. It's a cartoon so only few people will be aroused by the lame sex had in the film. In the game, the objective is to get Jake to get jake laid game sex with random women. Never playing the game, or even hearing of it, I went into this blind. The plot is about Jake Voiced by Mettera pimp, who meets a guy name Siton Manaba Lerner who is set to become king of his village in a few years.

Never experiencing sex before, Jake promises to take him under his wing and get him to end his virgin days before he becomes king. If you think the plot is captivating, you should see how groundbreaking the animation is. Flash animation may have worked for the game, but to look at it for even a short seventy-seven minutes makes you feel like you're watching an extended cut scene and any second now the film will go to a third person view of Jake and you'll be controlling him. The story is complete trash.

It's pretty amazing they even thought of something that could qualify for the bare minimum of a film. The names are hilarious too "Siton Manaba?

Get jake laid game

What a big of immaturity. Jake's Booty Call is short, but feels long. It's not funny and gets to wear on your nerves very quickly. The DVD cover boasts over 30, downlo, most likely because the game was a mildly amusing piece of a teenager's mind. However, the film is completely idiotic and spends seventy-seven minutes acting important because it got its own film. Create a list ». National Lampoon. Movies I Have Watched. Tum Filmler 2.

Get jake laid game

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Get jake laid game

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