Games like pandoras box

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The game puts the player in the role of the protagonist who must traverse across the world to various cities to solve different types of puzzles and struggle to capture the seven tricksters such as Eris, Maui, Monkey, Anansi, and more. In the game, each trickster has a challenging puzzle after locating all the missing pieces. The player can acquire all pieces by solving the puzzles and use to advance through the storyline. The locations of each piece are randomized in the game, and it offers sporadic bonuses.

Games like pandoras box

During the gameplay, the player can use a hint system to locate where the piece and struggle to figure it out. There are many levels, and each level has a set of objectives that he must complete to advance. Try it out, and have fun. Legends of Yore takes place in the fantasy setting and revolves around Role-playing elements developed by Coke and Code.

Games like pandoras box

The game is played from a top-down view, and it offers a 2D environment with a blend of RPG and Rogue-like elements. Unlike other Rogue-like games, it uses the colorful world and pixelated graphics. In the game, the player starts the game in a small village with an aim to go underground environment to raid dungeons.

While playing the game, the player needs to slay vicious monsters, including blobs, skeletons, snakes, etc. After dungeon raids, the player can embark on a journey to different new dungeons and towns to take down enemies. There are several levels, and each offers the different enemies and objectives.

Games like pandoras box

Check it out, and have fun. The game offers the beautiful world where the player can command his favorite avatar from available. He can also do some modification to look unique among other players. It offers a fantasy world invaded by dark forces, and the game lets the player select his hero and embark on a journey where he must explore the world, complete quests, and take down enemies in dungeons and environment to save the world.

While playing, the player can interact with other players from across the world and can team up to take down massive bosses. There are several races such as Cyclopes, Gremlins, Humans, and Satyr. Gadgeteer, Bloodletter, etc. The game lets players use instanced dungeons to make unique gaming experiences. It offers gorgeous gameplay based on an anime series of the same name, serving as only Lodoss video game to be launched outside Japan.

The game takes place in the fantasy world where the player takes on the role of the protagonist who must navigate the environment, fighting against, and complete the quests to earn experience points to level.

Games like pandoras box

The storyline revolves around adventures of an epic hero who has been resurrected by a wizard wart to take down Cardice, a dark goddess of destruction. The player can move across the world from an isometric perspective games like pandoras box can take down enemies using his mighty sword and spells. During the game, the player interacts with NPCs, environment and other objects to advance through the game. The player character receives points for killing each monster and enemy. There are eight main characters available and to get access to the world the player needs to select his favorite one.

Each character has its unique skills, abilities, and playstyle. The task of the player is to explore dungeons to battle against enemies in real-time combat across 3D environment from an overhead perspective. The Multiplayer mode of the game lets up to three players to partake in exploration and combat simultaneously. The storyline revolves around the continent of Barnea, where the magic energy known as Soma is being invaded by the arrival of vicious monsters called Visitors. Seven of eight characters are available in the start, with an eighth is being unlocked later on.

It has two modes such as Single-player and Co-op Multiplayer. The game features six different combat roles to standard character classes, including Dark Knights, Warriors, Paladins, Ninjas, and more. Each character class has its unique weapon and skill that the player can equip upon selecting.

Check it out to experience the turn-based combat.

Games like pandoras box

The game offers immersive gameplay based on the Slavic and Scandinavian mythology, and it acts as games like pandoras box third installment in the series of Konung. It brings the player back to the superb woodland, the unique and spacious land that mixes several parts of familiar history with myths of Slavs. According to the storyline, the mighty rulers of the planet Earth have ended. New heroes are introduced when the throne of grand become empty. There are different adventurers and warriors available that started their struggle for the title, and only a Champion Sword can resolve.

The game is played from a third-person, and the player can interact with the environment and objects to advance through the game. Krater is a Role-playing and Single-player video game developed and published by Fatshark for Multiple Platforms. The game takes place in the fantasy setting and offers the squad-based gameplay incorporating both Real-time Strategy and Role-playing elements. In the game, the player commands a team of survivals equipped with a gas mask, in post-apocalyptic Sweden.

The objective of the player is to venture in the world scoured by nuclear war. While playing the game, the player can control up to three characters in a team, but reserve members may be bought. The game offers the combat system similar to Diablo. The team of the player always attack together, but the layer can command individual character to attack other targets. It introduces distinctive character classes, ranging from damage, tanks, healers, and dealers. Each member has up to two different skills which can be used while fighting against enemies.

The game is played from a top-down and a map that shows the location and the target. The game offers a fantasy-based gameplay and is set in the fictional world of Torchlight. Torchlight and its surrounding are based upon massive systems of Caverns and Dungeons and are attractions for all games like pandoras box adventurers and explorers. The Caverns and Dungeons hold unlimited riches and are filled with all kinds of gory monsters. The main games like pandoras box of the game is a skilled adventurer who explores the Caverns and Dungeons while fighting off the monsters and collecting all sorts of resources such as Weapons, Gold and various other types of loots.

The game allows the players to be that Badass hero, explore the caverns and dungeons, collect Gold, Weapons, and other items, get to the Town and sell the items to NPCs and in return get the Quests. While on quests, the players can travel to various locations in dungeons, fight off Unique Bosses, and advance with the story. There are also Sidequests available that the players can have and complete them to earn experience points and lo of other rewards including the upgrades. Torchlight offers an isometric view Top Down Perspectivebeautifully created 3D graphics and addictive gameplay to enjoy.

For all those who love playing games with Action and RPG elements and Isometric perspective, Torchlight would definitely be a great source of entertainment. The game serves as the stand-alone expansion pack to the Fate video game, released in Like the original title, the game takes place in the fantasy-based environment and revolves around Action-RPG elements similar to Diablo and Diablo II video games.

This type of game called Dungeon Crawler, where the player assumes the role of the protagonist through progressively difficult levels of the dungeon, battling against monsters, accomplishing quests, gathering items and gold, and enhancing the attributes and skills of the character along the way. The dungeons in the game are procedurally-generated for each level.

The treasures, monsters and the set of objectives are different in the game each time the player visit. According to the storyline, the hero of the town has accomplished all of his quests and now celebrates his victory with his people. But during the celebration an unusual man occurs and convinces the hero to come with him, informing him that a powerful evil has arisen to threaten the world.

Being the award winning Expansion pack of Immortal Throne, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne takes the story of evil Hades and his Dark Reign to further limits and allows you to get yourself engaged into epic Action, Adventure, Exploration etc. With a over 10 unique characters, skills etc. It focuses on a player-created character of the protagonist and takes the players to multiple locations such as Ancient Greece, Egypt, and China.

The game offers various quests on all these sites and tasks the players to find the Titans who have broken out of the prison and are running loose while devastating everything in their path. According to the story of the game, Titans once ruled the primordial darkness for a very long time until the Olympians defeated and exiled them to an ancient prison where they remained locked up for centuries. After centuries of imprisonment, a titan named Telkines broke the conduit of communication and linked Olympus to the mortal world. The linkage unleashed massive armies of monsters who devastated the whole mortal world.

Now the only one who can save the world is the player character who starts off his journey from the village of Helos. To save the world, the player must defeat the monsters and emerge as a real hero. The game offers brilliant 3D graphics, immersive gameplay, and a great story to follow. The game offers a Diablo series like game-play along with Dungeon Crawling characteristics and tasks you to go through amazingly difficult levels while dungeon crawling, exploring, Fighting against the monsters, completing different quests, collecting valuables like gold and improving your skills along the way to the end of the game.

With a wonderful amount of characters to choose, NPCs, Quests and regularly added game Mods along with brilliant visuals and an immersive game-play, Fate is a wonderful game to play and enjoy. Published worldwide by Microsoft Game Studios, Dungeon Siege is set in the Kingdom of Ehb and follows the story of a Humble Farmer whose life shatters down as the attack of a deadly creature of The Krugs attacks the farming community.

Games like pandoras box

Failed to stop the intrusion of The Krugs, the player must now turn himself into a Hero and travel to the Kingdoms Capital to the Castle of Ehb, fight off the Seck, a mysterious race of monsters with humans like appearance. The castle is in a state of emergency, and the only way to save it is to fight off all the deadly creatures including Games like pandoras box Krugs, giant spiders, hordes of zombies, goblins, and all the other dangerous wild creatures.

Dungeon Siege offers Multiplayer Co-Op mode for the players to enjoy the game even more by completing the campaign Utraean Peninsuladefeat monsters while being part of a team and enjoy exploring the world. Furthermore, Dungeon Siege offers a of fantastic mods for the game.

The mods include both the company and player created content and can be downloaded from the internet. The game takes place in the Wild West themed world where the player assumes the role of the cowboy must survive as long as possible to become the rule of law. While playing the game, the player needs to manipulate the life of a Lone Star ranger and partake in battles against robbers, and trade with American Natives.

Games like pandoras box

During the gameplay, the player can create his own Wild West ranch, battle gangsters using rifles and pistols. Using the crafting feature, the player can create several items and equipment. The game is played from a top-down perspective, complete a set of levels, while interacting with other players across the world.

With the collected resources, the player can build his home.

Games like pandoras box

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