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That was always my justification back when I torrented most games. They weren't losing a sale because I pirated the game, I couldn't afford it if I wanted game torrents reddit. It's been a long time since I pirated a game, or at least pirated a game and didn't ever pay for a legit copy.

Now I have the opposite problem. My backlog is massive and yet I keep buying games. Can't help it if its a good deal haha. I used to pirate most games and only buy a few while I was a broke student. Then I graduated, got a full-time job, and bought games. Now I'm back in grad school and back to pirating again. Same boat. I do it partly because I want to help the developers. Partly because it's a faster download. And partly because you're not going to get any viruses or anything. I did the same thing, I haven't pirated a game in a long time. I've made an effort to buy a bunch of the games I pirated.

That's pretty much the same boat that I'm in now. Used to a lot, but now that I can afford them, not so much. Sometimes I will torrent a game to try it out first but will eventually pick it up if I like it. Game devs need to give me a better product then what pirates can produce.

Game torrents reddit

If I have to deal with draconian DRM while there's pirated versions that work perfectly without it, I will simply get that version. I feel obligated to thank the current ecosystem in PC for allowing legal download, making it even more convenient than torrenting too.

It's like music and movies. Since game torrents reddit has been a valid option, legal and clean, fast and keeping it competitive, I've only had had to torrent once, for an old title which DVD didn't work anymore. If a game is worth playing, it's worth paying for. I think another big part of it, is that I have a lot less time to play games now. So I'm not trying to get my hands on every game that comes out like I did 10 years ago. Spot on, I might even go back and pay for some of those games thanks GoG! Torrented when I was poor.

A lot.

Game torrents reddit

At the time, though, I don't think viruses were as much of a problem as they seem to be now e. I started earning a decent income around the same time I was already weening myself off torrenting out of concern over the risk of my system getting infected by something. I've probably bought all or nearly all of the games I ever torrented because 1 I feel an obligation now that I can afford it, 2 I like collecting them all, 3 it's just so easy and convenient to amass and retain games in Steam, Game torrents reddit, GOG, etc.

If I do it it's because the games are abandonware so no longer supported and commercially available. Same, I recently downloaded the old EA Cricket games remember those? Not since I was a. I don't have the time to play the games I have now, let alone new ones. If I consider that a game I want is overpriced, I'll wait for it to get cheaper. If I want to know what it's like, I'll read a range of reviews and watch some gameplay footage. The only time I've considered doing it recently was for the Mass Effect DLC, since the Bioware points system is anti-consumer rubbish, but I decided it wasn't worth the hassle.

I have all 3 games but pirated the DLC. Not in years. Didn't hurt that I didn't care about the multiplayer, since I usually didn't have a permanent at home internet connection. Being able to get a thumbdrive copy of a cracked game was really nice when internet was capped to a GB limit. Now I have a job, games are discounted heavily, and my internet connection has unlimited usage.

I did play a pirated copy of GTA V when it first launched, but I was between jobs at that moment and did eventually buy the game to support it because its really good. Torrenting games, do you do it and why? If you do not do it, why? Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best. I used to pirate pretty much every game possible. Then I got an income and a way to pay for games so I did. Simple as that. I can afford games now so I pay for them. Continue this thread. That seems game torrents reddit be fairly typical.

Besides it's a dishonorable thing to do, to steal. I am the same way! Same exact thing for me. I used to torrent everything. Just spend the money on steam. More posts from the pcgaming community.

Game torrents reddit

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Game torrents reddit

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