Adult rpgmaker games

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. BlueMage Slime Lv You also need to improve adult rpgmaker games art more, it hasn't met the industry's standard yet. TheoAllen Self-proclaimed jack of all trades. As someone who has tasted their community for a little while, their community is large even for one specific kind of fetish.

And they're sort of "aggressive". I once made a few NSFW drawings, and even with my average drawing skill, people already asked me if I'm open for commission, although I didn't take them. And sometimes, they knew "no boundary". Something that you would ever wonder why such a thing even exists that probably could "damage" you mentally. Because again, they're "aggressive". The story was usually acceptable, it happens just as an excuse why it's there. It could also be a current trend thingy, so it might be best if you do it now while the iron is hot.

This is assuming you're planning to release on steam anyway.

Adult rpgmaker games

Reason is that, Im still playing a game so I want it to play good. Last edited: Oct 14, I'm talking about bad mapping, horrible balance, awful story, etc. Now if you want to make a good RPG you probably need to market it elsewhere than Steam for it to do well. Otherwise you'll end up being another post we read about where someone released a game on Steam and has sold a whole 8 or 12 copies. Easy method is by utilizing Daz3D contents.

They are pre-made models that you just need to piece together and simply hit render. Majority of adult game dev use Daz3D due to its ease of use and not requiring any 3D modeling knowledge. Your target audience is not at Steam. It's somewhere else. There are adult game devs that bring in thousands per month by this method.

Adult rpgmaker games

I can tell you where to go but I won't obviously reveal it here. PM me if you like to know. If you want to go cartoon-ish anime-ishthen you need to dive into Japanese 3D market place. They've got millions of models there. Oddball Veteran. Adult rpgmaker games say, make the charecters interesting and make them feel like actuall people so people get invested. Then i tried out a knock-off called booty calls. People are socail creatures, get them invested in your charecters as well, and they will enjoy the game throughout.

Andar Veteran. If you define success purely by money gained, then yes it is probably that way - as TheoAllen described above adult rpgmaker games clientele for that kind of games seem to disable brain and quality-judgement as soon as nudity is involved. Click to expand Nope, you are not the only one. Adult games made with MV is immediately frowned upon. Japanese games are an exception though due to their good arts and often really weird genre, which to be honest makes me wonder about their mental health.

You either use Ren'py or Unity or something else. Anything but MV. If you want to use something similar to MV, use Wolf engine. By who, exactly? I assume not the people buying those games, as they seem more interested in the anime tiddies than the engine said tiddies were used in. No one cared. I wonder if they are just parroting the Steam response to MV more than anything? The stigma is due to majority of dev using RTP or even purchased assets. It ultimately boils down to games looking too identical to each other.

I used fully custom tilesets, so I escaped from those kind of criticisms but MV games are often skipped. Another problem I had was that I received issues being reported from Android users because someone took the game and ported it to Android. The game wasn't even deed for Android.

Last edited: Oct 15, Well, hope they know most other games also use same a lot of same assets, regardless of the engine you use. If you honestly analyzed every game out there, you'll find some repeat uses of things Sound effects is a common one, even in AAA games. Many FPS use the same textures. So on and so forth. But then again I think you need a publisher to make it with adult rpgmaker games these days, the flood of garbage makes it too hard to stand out otherwise.

Unless you already built up an audience or can take a lot of time to build it up that is. Though this whole discussion reminds me, I want to make a video on this subject someday. Maybe I can do that this weekend? I feel like a lot of people under-value the fact that these games have an actual publisher and are also marketed to Chinese consumers, which is, IIRC, the biggest gaming market in the world.

Without having done the research myself, I have a feeling they're not as common as believed to be. CraneSoft Filthy Degenerate. I have a small following in the R18 Japanese RPGMaker industry so I will share my brief thoughts based on experience: I hate to break it out to you but if you want to have any success making R18 games, your best bet is making a nukige RPG. The very last thing the R18 audience will care about is the story.

You don't have to be an absolute pro in the art department, but those that don't will need to make it up with interesting gameplay and targeting the very specific niches, otherwise do not expect to sell more than 10 copies, R18 or not.

Adult rpgmaker games

With your level of art right now, I will say adult rpgmaker games are not ready to step into this industry just yet, especially if your intent is making visual novels and not wanting to make nukige. Even the market of R18 RPG games are getting saturated in the recent years, 5 years ago you can make the most simple, standard RPG with 15 or so CGs and easily breaknowadays you need at least twice of that work and need to be of much better quality lest you get buried in the pile of bad games read:garbage that come out every day on DLSite. Last edited: Oct 16, Dezue pat reon. I'm part of Team Tailnut, an adult dev team of two, and recently went into fulltime gamedev made possible by our incredible Patrons.

I'd say if you have the ability to tell new and engaging stories and make art that is able to seduce players - go for it. If you already have a following, that's a big boon from the get-go as well. The main thing to remember is that developing a successful Indie adult game is exactly as hard as developing any other successful Indie game, meaning that cookie cutter games without a compelling X-Factor, a good understanding of the niche they're catering to and decent production values will have a hard time succeeding.

I'd say developing an adult game is harder than developing a normal game. The audience is quite picky.

Adult rpgmaker games

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