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I'd tossed my ripped pants and torn, sweaty, T-shirt into the trash. The pants were totally ruined and that T-shirt had been ripped but even worse than that, it had been up against www xnxx com the psycho's chest so I'd never wear it again even if it wasn't ripped. Cleaned up, I put on back-up shorts and a T-shirt from my locker. No backup underpants though, so xnnn I'll have to www.xnxx.com go commando. I stopped abruptly at a mirror where I caught my reflection; the expression on my face scared me a little. Squinting eyes and lips curling with pissed-off determination, but at the same time there was a scarily calm look there too... how very dangerous I felt. It's a new feeling, I've apparently reached my breaking point and so I don't give a shit about anything except revenge, I'll just go for it and to hell with the consequences. Barely getting to the bus stop in time, I sat in a seat by myself sweating and seething with hate while forming my plan. As the bus' air conditioning eliminated the perspiration from xnxx mom my face I got rational, recognizing one vital point; revenge must take place tonight, it's absolutely mandatory xnxx tv that it takes place this very night. The number one reason for that is Joel's threats against my mom, there's no wiggle room with that, it's too serious. Plus, by taking action tonight there's not enough time for porn xnxx xnxx indian me to think of a mom xnxx more logical, nxxn less dangerous solution than the one I'm forming right now. With more time to think about it Chubby and I might come up with a less radical measure, and Joel needs radical all over his ass! No, this is it, and it needs to be an almost xnxn lethal, straightforward, but simple plan. Obviously sex xnxx going to the police is totally pointless. They never prevent crime, they xnxx tube xxnx sometimes react to crime after xnxx movies the fact, but that's about all. xnxx download Mostly they concern themselves with the dangerous work of giving us teenage drivers traffic tickets or generally harassing us in other ways. Me complaining about Joel would be a case xnxx porn of "he said, he said", no laws have been broken, yet. None that I can prove anyway. No, it's Chubby and xnxx indian me who need to disable Joel in a serious way, yet in a way that won't appear I'm involved. I need to lead Joel xxnx into an ambush where Chubby appears out of nowhere and hits the psycho over the head xnxx anime or something. We'll make it seem like a robbery with xnxx com Joel seeing me running away so I'm not implicated. He doesn't know Chubby, but probably Chubby should still wear a mask or something, just in case. On the bus I was into rational planning, that's what's needed xnxx barat here. Robby got lucky when he did that sabotage on Joel's ride-on mower; I'm not taking a chance on luck. Half way home my cell phone beeped, it was Chubby, who asked, "Where are you, Dylan? You're late, dude, I xnxx asia was getting a little worried." I calmly said, "I'm on the bus heading home. We worked late due to the rain. I should have called, but there was an incident. I need xnxx 2020 your help tonight with something very serious and very dangerous." xnxx video Chubby said, "Yes, of course. What do we need to do?" Just like that. I guess there won't be any movies this Friday night for us two. When I got to my condo we sat xnxx tamil at the xnxx jepang kitchen bar drinking sodas and xnxx app eating sub sandwiches that Chubby had bought for our dinner. In between drinking and eating I told Chubby about Joel. xnxx stories I didn't tell him about all the horrible names Joel called me or the nasty things he said about me; I want to analyze those things japanese xnxx more xnxx movies closely sometime later, maybe in there are reason some guys hate me right off and other guys come mom xnxx on to me. I did tell Chubby about Joel sticking his finger up my ass and about him throwing me into a sixteen foot deep stone stairwell and how Joel intends turning me into his dog by whipping me in his so-called dungeon, or some such shit like that. I told Chub about the tit clamps and dildos www xnxx and Joel's xnxx sex video threat against my mom. Chubby's eyes got big when xnxn I mentioned the dildos because Ricky used xnxx jav them on him. When I mentioned the threat against my mom Chubby xnxx porn stood up and paced, saying, "Okay, okay. I don't need to hear any more. Do you have a plan yet?" We're almost nineteen years old, we're old enough to fight wars, and most of all, we're super pissed off and therefore very dangerous. Actually it hardly seems fair, that ass wipe Joel doesn't have a chance! That's xnxx tube free porn xnxx our attitude, we really believe it too! It didn't take long to outline my plan to Chubby; we changed parts of it until we finally came up with xnxx arab this: We'll drive the Jeep to the meeting place soon xnxx japan so we can find a hiding place for Chubby. He'll he out of sight in a store's doorway or something xxnx like that a half block from Ryder's deli. Chubby's going to need a weapon and after looking around the garage we came jav xnxx up with a thirty inch steel wrecking bar. I guess it's a crow bar of sorts except without the curved end. This is a straight steel bar about an inch and a half in diameter weighing about five xnx pounds. Neither xxnx.com of us zoo xnxx has any idea why it's even here in the garage. I remember seeing it under the workbench over the years but didn't give it much thought; we've never even used the workbench except to put telugu xnxx stuff on it. The steel bar must have been left by the builders years ago. When Chubby spotted it, he goes, "Jeez, this should work perfectly!" Holding it at the end with either one or two hands he was able to swing it easily. It's heavy but the weight's spread out over the length of the xnxx selingkuh bar and Chubby has no problem swinging it xnxx videos with speed, the impact force would be xnxx xnxx significant. We tried it out japan xnxx on that heavy duty workbench along the back of the garage which is supported by a number of three inch square solid wood legs. Chubby accidentally took out one of the legs while vidio xnxx practicing a 360 degree swing of the bar. The steel bar cracked the solid wood leg like it was xnxx telugu lawn furniture. Oh yeah, it's gonna do some serious damage to a certain maniac's bones. Joel xnxx tv is scary strong so we tamil xnxx need to be careful and take nothing videos xnxx for granted. Chubby practiced swinging that thing a few more times, then spotted a pair of my mom's gardening gloves. Putting them on, he wiped the bar clean of his finger prints, xnxx korea saying, "Take no chances, I'll wear the gloves." I'm nodding my head xnxx japanese feeling confident we're doing everything we need xnxx japanese to do. We agreed not to xnxx jepang kill Joel because that brings too much heat from the police; even for a sleazy bastard like Joel they'll try to find the murderer, www xnxx so no hits phim xnxx to the head. Also we mumbled about how we might xnxx mom feel about ourselves later in life if we killed him, which by now I've no doubt we could do if that's videos xnxx the way we decided to go. Instead of killing him we intend to seriously cripple him. Chubby says he's going for Joel's ankle first, the one that's telugu xnxx already weak from Robby's little surprise. I'll take off running as soon as I'm xnxx anime sure Joel's no threat to Chubby, which should be a few seconds after the melee begins. That way it'll look like a random mugging and I took off to save my own ass. When Joel's talking to police he won't be able to implicate me in the mugging. Actually, xxn he probably won't even mention me xnxx selingkuh one way or the other, but to be safe I'll xnxx india take off. The plan is for Chubby to whack both of Joel's knees a couple of times with the steel bar, hard. Hopefully this results in a crippling injury that lands xnxx jav Joel in a wheelchair for life, or at the very xnnx least has him hobbling along with a cane after a long, long rehabilitation period. If we can accomplish just xmxx that much we can insure that he won't be able to telugu xnxx do serious harm xnxxcom to anyone ever again, me included. Chubby's also xnxx arab going to take Joel's wallet to make it look like a mugging-robbery. The police are lazy. That's how they'll handle it, which is to say; they won't do jav xnxx shit about a random mugging www xnxx com even though it's a violent one. They'll check out the muscles on Joel and realize it needed to be violent to put him out and that obviously it wasn't attempted murder with no japanese xnxx head wounds. I'll have my Swiss Army pocket knife in my pocket, opened, in case everything goes wrong and we gotta save ourselves. That knife has a razor sharp blade which I've wrapped a handkerchief around to I don't cut my xnxx india dick off when I'm running. I almost hope I need to use it 'cause I'll slice his throat. I've never been this outraged in xxnn my life. Joel Mc Carty thinks he's going to torture me or my mom? Well, I don't fucking think so! We methodically went about preparing for this nightmare. Chubby put on some ripped jeans and a gay xnxx soiled sweatshirt with a hood which no one video xnxx in their right mind would wear in this summer's heat. He had xnxx 2020 beat up old sneakers on his feet and he's cut a leg section from one of his Mom's pantyhose to pull over his xmxx head distorting his facial features and making himself look scary. I have an empty over-night bag hoping it will appear to Joel like I'm committed to the idea of staying overnight, bringing a change of clothes or something to lull Joel into feeling things are going vidio xnxx his way. We piled into the Jeep with Chubby driving. I didn't feel really nervous until we were approaching the deli. By the time we got there neither of us were talking at all, so I think Chubby was just as nervous as me. We'd never ever think of letting each other down though, so we went about everything just the way we planned it. We parked three blocks away so the car couldn't be connected to us if we're observed near the Ryder and Holmes intersection. As we walked toward the assigned block, Chubby carrying the steel bar as inconspicuously nxnn as possible at his side, the section of pantyhose sticking out of his pocket, my heart began beating faster and faster until it was hammering like a humming bird's heart by the time we were indo xnxx outside the Ryder Delicatessen. I had to take deep breaths, and then slowly let the air out, calming myself.